Baked Lemon Cheese Cake

by Michael Lim

Baked Lemon Cheese Cake


My new channel for animal lovers Baked Lemon Cheese CakeThe Crust 130 gr All Purpose Flour40 gr Brown Sugar40 gr Fine Sugar8 gr Vanilla Sugar90 gr Salted Butter1 Egg Yolk from egg weighs 58 60 gr with shell The Cheese Cake 150 gr Whipping Cream 35 90 gr Unsalted Butter8 Lemon Leaves160 gr Fine Sugar3 Eggs from eggs weigh 58 60 gr each with shell 650 gr Cream Cheese40 gr Lemon Juice40 gr Corn Starch Maizena MUSICSong MotionBy IkonSong Letter HomeBy IkonSong BlossomBy Ikon



[Frisur] Wickeldutt

  • by Kupferzopf 2078

Eine Anleitung für einen einfachen Dutt mit Haarstab. Foto-Anleitung:

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