BJD Levi Ackerman [Attack on Titan] Box Opening / Unboxing

by RoseInTea

BJD Levi Ackerman [Attack on Titan] Box Opening / Unboxing


I got my hands on a Levi BJD I felt it was the perfect timing since season 4 is the last season What I really loved about this guy was how detailed Levi s ODM gear is The weathering is perfect and the blades click into the handle really well What I am sad about would be their eyes and the face up the face up was quite light in color and not enough depth to it I probably will redo his face up later O Let me know in the comments who is your favorite AOT character As you can see mine is Levi Also just a heads up Ringdoll s Levi BJD was a limited item not sure if they are still selling him ________________________________________________________________ You can check out Ringdoll s official website at I also started crafting and created some BJD eyes that I m selling _________________________________________________________________ Music Credit Asher Fulero AssemblingWayne Jones White HatsSYBS Apocalypse Instagram ________________________________________________________________



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