Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Skillet Cornbread

by Home Cooking Adventure

Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Skillet Cornbread


Spice things up at your Thanksgiving celebration with this jalapeño and sun dried tomato cornbread Studded with corn kernels this corn bread turns out moist and fluffy and bursts with flavor To print the recipe check the full recipe on my blog Makes about 10 12 servings1 cup 150g cornmeal stone ground preferably 1 cup 125g all purpose flour3 tbsp 45g sugar1 tsp 5g salt1 2 tsp 3g baking soda1 1 2 tsp 6g baking powder1 cup 240ml buttermilk2 eggs1 4 cup 56g butter melted3 4 cup 130g sweet corn fresh thawed or canned drained well 1 jalapeno pepper finely diced2 tbsp 20g sun dried tomatoes finely diced1 2 cup 50g cheddar cheese grated2 tbsp 6g fresh chopped cilantro1 tbsp 14g butter for melting in the skilletBackground music ES_For Jack Arden ForestFollow me



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