How To Wear a BLANKET SCARF (15 Ways!!) -By Orly Shani

by The DIY Designer

How To Wear a BLANKET SCARF (15 Ways!!) -By Orly Shani


My Scarf 36 x 72 So stoked to FINALLY be releasing this video I get so many questions on HOW TO STYLE OR WEAR a Blanket Scarf so I finally put all my go to ways in a video Altogether there are 15 versions and each one is super wearable The skirts all come together with safety pins but everything is else is just wrapping and some knotting I hope you love this video and get a ton of use out of it If you re new I hope you ll subscribe to the channel so you can see all the amazing fashion DIY s I ve got coming up How To Style a Blanket Scarf15 Ways to Wear a Blanket ScarfHow to Wear a Blanket Scarf




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