DIY Beautiful cardboard box | Handmade decor | Сraft idea

by Dream_Fairy_DIY

DIY Beautiful cardboard box | Handmade  decor | Сraft idea


In this video I will show you how to make a beautiful cardboard box with your own hands Hope you like the idea diyideas diy diycraftThe base of the box was made of cardboard The video showed all sizes I glued the parts with hot glue Inside she pasted the box with Kraft paper And outside with paper napkins Used PVA glue After the napkins and paper have dried I applied the spackling paste and let it dry I glued a metal handle to the lid of the box with universal glue I made flowers from pistachio shells and balls of different sizes from self hardening clay Decorated the lid with them The balls were mixed in advance with a small amount of PVA glue and distributed over the lid Painted with acrylics Top covered with acrylic varnish Other videos here Creative inspiration to you and subscribe to the channel



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